Andrew Bayer releases two new tracks


by Jackie Willson

International electronic DJ Andrew Bayer is at it again. Known for his widely successful album ‘if it were you, we’d never leave’, Andrew has recently released two new inspired and truly original tracks “Perth” and “Merth Mobile.”

Starting off with almost a “Strobe” inspired beginning, “Perth” takes the listener on a musical ride that they will never want to get off. Transitioning from a steady baseline and then streaming into a hard trance, Bayer throws in some very original yet familiar beats that will leave you desperate for more.

Bayer’s “Merth Mobile” takes off with heavy, fast beats that feel raw and emotional. This song is an example of how personal and passionate Bayer is about his music. Slowing down in the middle of the track to really take you through it, and then ending as solid as it started. It does not feel like any other song, which seems to be the trend with Bayer’s music, as well as his advantage.

As one of the most unique artists out there right now, and continuous support from fellow artists, Bayer truly appreciates good music and hard work. Hoping to break a few more records (number one selling album – no biggy) and win the hearts of EDM lovers everywhere, he seems to be at the top of his game.

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