Oh Land_1

An evening with the charming Oh Land

Oh Land (Nanna Øland Fabricius) entered the music scene in 2008 by accident, after she had to step away from her career in ballet. Although we don’t doubt she is a gifted ballerina, (we’ve seen the moves firsthand on stage) we are pretty thrilled that she is where she is today.

Fabricius has self-produced four albums (so far) and is currently wrapping up her tour for Earth Sick. An album that came out of contemplations about astronauts returning back to Earth.

On Thursday night, Oh Land, with a three-peace band, performed in Toronto’s Lee’s Palace for a tight and ecstatic crowd. Piercing screams and word for word accompaniment were consistent throughout the night (both on and off key).

Outfitted into a feathered dress and shiny boots, Fabricius is a force on stage. Occasionally chatting up the audience, she danced through a nearly hour and a half set, playing a combination of instruments and mixing live arrangements.

With four albums behind her belt, Oh Land was not shy of material catering to everyone’s favourites; playing songs from Fauna through to Earth Sick. Fabricius gained a new set of admirers and revived all precious effecting in older fans.