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Album review: DiRTY RADIO “Lick 1.0”


by Irene Lo

Lick 1.0, the first EP from the Lick Trilogy by Vancouver locals DiRTY RADIO, is extremely promising with fresh sounds that deliver. Overall, the five tracks can be more or less seen as future club anthems, especially “In My Head” that’s got a hook made for radio, if anything else. However, just like their previous releases, the eclectic vibes are noticeable from the trap-influenced “Fall Back” to the chill pop tune “F.I.N.E.” As an alternative pop group, DiRTY RADIO is quite commercial in how listenable they are, something noticeable in their formulaic lyrics, yet they’ve got enough tricks up their sleeves that they achieve a nice blend between predictability and creativity.

“Fall Back” opens the EP and is certainly the most hypnotic and trippy. It packs heat and sets us up for the rest of the tracks in anticipation. “In My Head” is commercial-friendly in that this is a song that would go far on MuchMusic Countdown. I would shake it like a Polaroid picture. The atmosphere then switches to the low-key “All Nighter” that’s very Bruno Mars – your straight-up, effortless love melody by male truly. “F.I.N.E.” has retro throwback in its synthesizer love that could be a better pop song. Lick 1.0 ends with “Refreshin’” that’s working the auto-tune and rap beat.

Now where’s Lick 2.0?

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