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Album review: C2C “Tetra”


text: Jonathan Armstrong

The new album Tetra comes from a group known for their 4x championships at  the DMC .  They go by the name of C2C, and to kick things off, you will find plenty of  technicality in their complex beats and intermingled scratching – from  baby to twiddle, you’ll get your fix. Sometimes the technique  overshadows the actual melody that is being comprised, but it still  takes you on a beat filled journey (‘Le Banquet’, specifically, will scratch that itch).

The first track leads in with an a heavy bass line accompanied by some synth pop, which comes across more as an electro-pop sequence then a DMC camp album. In saying that, ‘Because of You’ is the most commercial track on the EP, with polished lyrics and shiny production giving it a anthemic sound, but the EP evens things out  by introducing their track ‘The Beat’ which brings back some of their most classic turntablist routes.

All in all, this album takes you on a journey that travels back to the classics. It reminds me of the early Kid Koala but drops in some heavily polished lyrics pushing the sound closer to that of a club anthem than would be expected from a french hip hop turntablist group. It is still, definitely, worth a listen.

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