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A live feel: SWIMM at Glasslands


by Michael Ferlazzo

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a band surpass the expectations they set on a record through a live performance. It is one thing to convey a sound through a studio recording, but it is an impressive feat, that distinguishes bands, when they are able to transfer that sound to the stage. SWIMM, off their recent release of their EP Feel, were able to not only match this blistering sound they have created, but feed it and create a vibrant vivacity within their music.

Performing at the Glasslands in Brooklyn, the proto-typical Williamsburg music venue with a grungy, pbr and old crow vibe that digs their music, SWIMM swayed the intimate crowd with a fun set, while they bopped around the stage to their grooves. At times you can feel their presence on stage still marinating in their seasoning, because, while the certitude is there, the brazen boldness is not, which actually was quite refreshing and interesting to see because you can see the self-realization growing in their eyes while they perform, however, you can tell it will be there soon as they clearly have promising potential.

This is a band that deserves to be seen as they create the quintessential soundscape for the warmth of the season and are only at their inception of notoriety creating a splash with their waves.

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