2017 MUTEK Montreal: New date, new era


Something big is happening in the MUTEK world this year. With the date moving up to late August (22-27) and a bold new statement “new date, new era, MUTEK grows up and out” the 18th edition of the festival is promising to be a big one.

A/VISIONS evenings will return to Monument-National for a series of performative audiovisual works with the artist-engineer-mad scientist Robert Henke and a Montrealer Herman Kolgen. Alexandre Burton and Julie Roy will reveal their new real-time visual instrument Three Pieces with Titles. Also appearing throughout the week are artists such as Jimmy Lakatos, Mexican composer Murcof, Michela Pelusio, and Glenn Vervliet.

Red Bull Music Academy will claim Thursday and Friday nights at Métropolis for a “serious doses of drone and heaviosity” with Sarah Davachi and FIS and an evening of contemporary techno muscle with Marie Davidson, Aurora, and Halal.

And this is just the early wave of artist announcements. We are looking forward to seeing the big picture come to life over the next few months.

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