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Yellow Year tour: FaltyDL, Nosaj Thing and Prefuse 73 live


photos by Eric Cairns

Earlier this year Prefuse 73 (real name Guillermo Scott Herren) launched Yellow Year Records with Angel Ceballos. To spread the joy of this new label Prefuse got together with some friends, FaltyDL and Nosaj Thing, and headed out on a select cities tour.

As the second last stop of the Yellow Year Tour, Toronto welcomed this crew of experimental musicians/producers to the Hoxton for a Friday night show. Set at the forefront of a rather deep stage, Drew Lustman, a.k.a. FaltyDL, kicked off the night shortly after 11 just as the crowds were wandering in. In no time the dance floor packed in with nodding, throbbing, grinding, and arm-waving fans. The music carefully escalated from downbeat techno with industrial samples into lively, carefully arranged electronic dance beats. Lustman’s skill, hiding behind a humble impression, is easy to notice. The entire set was masterfully executed with smooth, growing transitions feeding the crowd with bits of joyful noise.

LA’a Nosaj Thing followed and immediately added rap and even a little jungle into the mix. Nojas took up DJying at the age of 12 and the passion clearly shows. Fully taking advantage of the empty stage, dancing along and occasionally clasping his hands together to bow to the cheering audience, Nosaj did not disappoint.

After a brief momentum with all three masterminds on stage together, Prefuse 73 went on to wrap up the night. Zipped up to his chin in his winter jacket, Herren didn’t seem to be too into the scene. Letting tracks run out just enough for the next one to start his set was unfocused. “He doesn’t look like he wants to be here,” I hear to my left. Agreed. The crowd began to wither.

Though the night ended on a low note, FaltyDL and Nosaj’s sets were epic and memorable enough to leave a sweet aftertaste.

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