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We’re feeling Sylvan Esso. Live at the Horseshoe.


The first time I heard “Hey Mami” I was immediately drawn into the harmonized opening, the lyrics, and the unexpected beat that hits nearly half way through the song. It seemed only appropriate for Sylvan Esso to open the set with that song, a song that smoothly guides the crowd into a hot mosh pit.

Sylvan Esso (Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn) became a band in passing and it was a match that immediately caught the attention of the public and artists alike. Their songs have been remixed by MR MS, Landlady, and even Helado Negro – a sheer example of how good music travels fast.

Fashionably late Meath and Sanborn entered the Horseshoe stage in obvious excitement. This is their first tour but if they hadn’t shared that fact through a fun story we would not have been able to tell. What Meath described as a “first few first days stage” of their touring experience appeared to the audience as quick and cute chemistry.

Playing to a sold out show could be humbling, especially when it’s the biggest crowd you’ve seen but good energy fuels creativity. The entire room was singing along, word-for-word to nearly every track. Each song was a favorite song and the only reason it didn’t appear like much dancing was happening is because we were packed into the room like salmon rushing through a stream.

With only 10 tracks behind their belt the duo went through the show fairly quickly, sharing stories and teasing each other between tracks. Meath’s voice is confident and strong with an obvious gentleness that pushes the tracks to an exciting level. Not everyone can pull of a vocal solo, but than again, not every producer can confidently work with and around one.

It would be hard to beat a debut album like this one but with the love Sylvan Esso are getting, there are high hopes for a bright future.

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