The Numbered Days Loft Party takes over Chicago


text: Greg Sheer | photography: Isaac Joel Torres

Chicago based event production company The Numbered Days kicked off the new year with the second coming of their acclaimed Loft Party (2012’s inaugural installation, “Short days, Long nights” was voted Chicago party of the year by the Huffington Post), this time occupying an unassuming ballroom a few blocks from the Illinois Centennial Monument in Logan Square.

Sin Label hooked up DJs Superfriends and Kody Madro with the event, to lay out a dub and EDM heavy soundtrack. Free beer from Revolution Brewery for the first hour ushered the majority of attendees in the door early, with the sold-out event rounding out completely around 10:30. The smilebooth snapped group shots for posterity, while Bottle & Bottega’s collaborative group mural, done paint-by-numbers style by members of the crowd, filled in throughout the evening. Local artists Free Kids set the cherry atop the evening with a group of neon glow stick-filled piñatas: glowing human bodies with giraffe heads, floating above the crowd, and occasionally kicking Quip members in the face. Fucking. Awesome. But why you ask?

Marc Uible, like others of the millennial mindset, noticed a problem: the sort of congregating we do in cyberspace has gone un-paralleled by real world space. Uible posits that while the hyper-democratization of information and socializing on the internet has developed our ability to engage with the niche topics that interest us, physical spaces for like minds to congregate around those topics haven’t evolved at the same pace. Or maybe at all. Uible’s remedy: partying.

His event company, the Numbered Days, hosted 4 parties last year, and aims to host 11 more this year. So if your hyper-niche interest isn’t in glowing giraffe-headed piñatas or collaborative murals, remain calm. The Numbered Days has more to come.

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