Recapping the 6th Annual Canadian Beatbox Championship


The 6th Annual Canadian Beatbox Championship was a long night of vivid entertainment. Like most organized hip hop events, (not celebrity performances) a beatbox battle is a gathering of friendly people sharing a common love for the genre. Despite the core of the event being a battle and a notable title, the beatboxers were sharing mad love and respect for each other. An expected amount of friendly mockery only took the stage during the battle rounds, building into some solid entertainment for the crowd.

The battle featured sixteen finalists from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax and a multitude of cities across the GTA. Representatives of faraway provinces went to war as hard as they supported each other throughout the night, there may have even been tears (it could’ve been sweet, but there’s less romance in that).

Between the rounds, the audience got to see an epic KOTD Rap Battle (poRICH vs. Prehistoric), learned some breakdance moves from Piecez and Fil Fury and let’s not forget that loopstation set by Hachey the MouthPEACE.

At the end of the night it all came down to BBK (Joseph Bouary), 2014 defending champion, and Heat. To no surprise, BBK took the honorable plaque and a bag of bragging rights.

Montreal’s Simon took the third place and Sudbury’s Emilie Carrey, aka Sparx, took the 4th – watch out guys girl power is creeping up to the top.

See more photos from the battle here.

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