NXNE Friday: Getting to know Bravestation and Willa

by Laura Eley

Following the 2012 release of their acclaimed debut LP Giants and Dreamers, Bravestation has surfaced once again after signing with Culvert Music earlier this year. Releasing new singles “Actors” and “Haven” prior to their NXNE performance, the trio – made up of brothers Devin and Derek Wilson and friend Jeremy Rossetti – unleashed a new take on their own brand of apocalyptic pop, which blends new wave with an industrial sound. Choosing lyrics that piece together fragments rather than construct complete stories, the band’s songs move between moments and memories – a stylistic choice that complements their introspective, no-nonsense presence on stage. Balancing microphones, synthesizers, guitars, and percussion, these guys were wholly invested, and although initially released a bit of nervous energy, able to fully embrace the performance once they dove in.

Vancouver’s Willa was playing a midnight set at Sneaky Dee’s. After a few technical delays Willa, joined on stage by a full band, went directly in “Stay the night” the most popular track and possibly the only one you might find online. Willa is fairly new on the music scene, she doesn’t have a lot but everything she does have in her repertoire, including some classic covers like The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” are wonderful peaces of music. Willa isn’t just all cute face, that voice has volume and depth at times almost shockingly so – ‘I’m not a swan, pretty in a pond.’ Sneaky Dee’s crowd was pretty clear with their preferences whistling and hassling Willa on stage, she’s definitely gained a few new fans and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next, an album perhaps.

More photos can be found here.