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Not icy, definitely cool: Beacon releases “Escapements” LP


by Susan Shelton

Beacon is releasing their LP, Escapements, on February 5th, their first release since 2014. The new LP features the band’s popular single “Preserve” and the recent release “IM U” in addition to other tracks with the same mood and similar tonal value. Beacon does not stray much from their previous work or style with Escapements, but does provide something new: a hint of sophistication.

Escapements stumbles a little bit into chill wave while maintaining its origin as synth pop. The album is more complex than it sounds at first. Drum beats go unnoticed, drops come late, yet somehow the album is enjoyable. The duo is continuing to create rhythmic music that is gentle enough for a study playlist, but catchy enough to dance to. It inspires focus and imagination, a rarity among the highly distracting genre of synth-pop.

Each track has its own incredible qualities. “Running Out” is quick and engaging, “Cure” is strong, but slow, and the title track “Escapements” is easy and melodic. The music produced by Beacon is malleable and apparently, lends itself quite well to remixes. The electronic virtues held by the members of the group tie the tracks and albums to one another and make new music (in the form of remixes) incredibly easy. The track “Preserve” appears on Escapements, one title that is also known for its Kim Ann Foxman Remix.

Beacon is going on a tour of North America in February and March, beginning after the February 5th release of Escapements


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