Getting to know Tom Trago at Electric Island

by Jackie Willson

This past holiday Monday, we had the pleasure of listening to artist, producer, label owner, and performer Tom Trago at Electric Island, Toronto. Originally from the Netherlands, Trago grew up with the love of music in his soul. Combining his passion and knowledge for the art, Trago dedicated the rest of his days to mixing various genres together, producing unique sounds, and aspiring to be on the top of the electric totem poll.

With respect and admiration from his fellow artists, Trago was able to tour the world doing what he loves and exploring his own sound. Mixing disco, synth funk, soul, hip-hop, and jazz, Trago hopes to create something for his fans that is new and satisfying. With all of his successes, Trago also founded the Voyage Direct label in 2010. Business savvy and musically talented, it is no wonder he looks like he is on top of the world.

Seeing Trago at Electric Island confirmed that there are still artists who want to push boundaries and truly make their fans happy. His smile really said it all. With the perfect setting and the perfect crowd, there was no way Trago would disappoint. As soon as his music hits you, your whole vibe changes. From tropical beats to  funk, Trago knew how to keep it fresh.

With the fifth anniversary of his label coming up and the release of his single “Hidden Heart Of Gold” and “Only Believe,” Trago has a lot to celebrate. If you ever have the chance to see Trago perform, don’t hesitate in going.