Get reminiscent with Milky Chance’s debut album “Sadnecessary”

by Aedyn Rose

Exploding into the music stream from Europe to North America, Milky Chance grabs the attention of many new-age romantics from this generation. The German duo, Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch, explore the multifaceted themes of love and dreams through upbeat, danceable folk tunes and certainly share the accomplishments of what two high-school friends can create from writing and working with each other day in and out.

Their debut album, Sadnecessary, released on Oct 14th by Lichtdicht/Republic Records features a 14-track compilation. It is no surprise that this album went Gold in Germany and it is definitely no surprise that their music caught fire and spread through radio stations across North America.

But what makes this album in general so memorable? It’s their simplistic yet catchy beats combined with their rhythmic, acoustic guitar technique and a raspy-like, soulful vocal style that you can immediately recognize. The cohesiveness of the songs throughout the album and the bittersweet lyrics versus upbeat melodies, as the album title implies, sets off the mood to dance but also to feel a sense of lost nostalgia all the while.

Usually it’s easy to point out which songs in an album are the ones that are likely to be a favourite – of course, “Stolen Dance” would be one of the top ones because it is arguably the most upbeat song – but having listened to the album numerous times, they all are equally and individually catchy and all have their own unique characteristic that makes the song enjoyable to listen to.

Guaranteed that after you listen to Sadnecessary the first time, you’ll want to listen to it over again to keep in that innocent, blissful land that Milky Chance has provided.

Their spring 2015 North American tour was announced not too long ago, so definitely check out their show if they’re coming to your city!