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Fletcher bonds with her fans during the live show in Zurich


Pop sensation Fletcher is currently taking over Europe after she had to postpone the tour last year due to an illness. Since then she released her newest album In Search of The Antidote which not only took over the lesbian pop world but is a worthy follow-up to her 2022 album Girl of My Dreams. Most of the dates are sold out, which speaks for itself, and she’s playing some of the biggest venues on the continent this time around.

During her Zurich show, Arxx were a worthy opener with their queer indie vibe that definitely satisfied the crowd, even though some explanation was needed when singer Hanni threw some British slang into the audience and instead of laughs got greeted with confused silence. The constant banter just made them even more relatable. A band worth keeping on the radar.

Cari herself opened with a big stage set up, performing the first two songs from up on the screen while her fantastic live band played on the actual stage. When she came out fans began immediately singing along to “Serial Heartbreaker“.

The first half of the show was a very well-coordinated, professional performance with the expected dancing with her guitarist. The second half of the set was a wonderful demonstration of how an artist can engage with their fans intimately even in a large venue. Fletcher stepped down into the pit, read all of the signs that fans made for her, and always made sure to read them loud while explaining what was happening, so no matter where you were standing you never missed a thing.

One fan brought a spinning wheel with different tasks, on the second round Fletcher’s arrow landed on the already well-known “human mic stand” and while she didn’t get her up for the next song, the girl was brought on stage for the very last song of the set, “Becky’s So Hot,” to be Caris’ mic stand and dance with her. But before all that, another girl’s sign said that she wrote a song about the singer and got the chance to sing it into Fletcher’s mic, much to everyone’s surprise she absolutely nailed it. After that, the concert went on as usual, with her laying on top of the screen for a few songs, and the audience going feral about every move.

Fletcher surely knows how to play an audience and how to make a room filled with thousands of people feel like an intimate private concert while nailing her vocals throughout the whole set. This felt like just the start of something that one day could fill a stadium, and she is on her way to the US for the summer and fall of 2024.

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