EP review: Toddla T “Flash”

by Jackie Willson

The talented European based DJ Toddla T is back with a new EP Flash. This clever collective of Serocee, DRS, Shola Ama, and, of course, Toddla T, brings you 3 new tracks that are eclectic, original, and about to take the dance scene by storm. The Caribbean feel and crisp beats explode on the tracks and the talent within does not fall short in any way.

Beginning with the upbeat and explosive track “Flash” has a very prominent Caribbean feel to it that will have you moving from the first beat to the last. The tempo is upbeat and quick throughout the song and the vocals brought in by Serocee are hard, fast, and perfectly composed. The track starts off just as strong as it finishes and seems to be a perfect balance of a traditional island sound with a new school dance twist. The dub version of “Flash” is a slower, down tempo rendition of the song. The original beat is elongated for a deeper and more vibrating vibe. Toddla’s classic twist on dubstep and electro shines through in this version and proves once again that he is willing to take a risk in the way he produces music.

The last track, “Worst Enemy,” takes things to a whole new level. The song has an extremely smooth feel and opens with a soothing lyrical chorus that will bring the listener through a bit of an emotional ride. Toddla seems to get more personal with this song with repetitive vocals again by Serocee throughout the song. The sound is original and at no point does the song get repetitive or boring regardless of limited lyrics. It defiantly showcases the talents of all four members as they offer such an eclectic vibe.

Currently touring the UK and Europe (and hopefully Canada soon enough), it is obvious that Toddla T Sound is going to end the Summer on a very high note, and leave their fans looking forward to what is coming next.

EP Release date: October 7, 2013