DJ Shintaro takes the World Championship title in Red Bull Thre3style


“If you’ve never partied in Brazil, Korea, or Azerbaijan, this is it, we brought it all to you this week here in Toronto!”

Without a doubt, this week must have been a challenging one for the judges. Some sets were more prone to a dance off than other but all of them illustrated some type of a ridiculous skill. We’ve heard it all, all of the genres and, quite possibly, at least a beat from every good track that came out since 1965.

Unlike the rest of the week, Friday night did not start up with a two block line up, though that might have something to do with an 8pm door. The early arrivers got right into the action to Thugli’s trap remixes blended in with some slowed down beats. Immediately after Grandtheft, one of the week’s judges, set an example for how it’s done playing his own tracks in combination with a good friends of friends mix.

Keys N Krates’ live, bigger than life, set riled up the sweaty crowd for the finale championship. With only 15 minutes to showcase their talents the six finalists (including two wild cards) of the Thre3style World Championships were DJ Shintaro, DJ Byte, Eskei83, Bazooka, Trentino, and Marquinos Espinosa. Each finalist brought their everything to the table, video game soundtracks, classic electronic tunes from the ‘70s, the new and the old school hip hop, some jungle, some drum ‘n bass, your favorite movie dialogues, acrobatic DJ tricks and a whack of attitude. But the ultimate championship title with all the sleek and shiny trophies and eternal glory went to Japan’s DJ Shintaro.

From the first beat to the last Shintaro brought it! Regardless of it being still early in the night the entire Kool Haus was raising up the heat, every track was welcomed by a finger snap or an “Oh no he didn’t!”

The audience had already thinned out by the time the judges announce the winner. With so many DJs swapping throughout the night and radical headline set by A Tribe Called Red the winner was not announced until after 2 in the morning. The judges seemed exhausted, the competitors were completely beat, and the tired crowds were slowly wondering out of the building, leaning on walls and poles, or slowly swaying in anticipation. The hard core dancers stayed behind for AutoErotique while the rest exited the venue smiling, looking for street meat and a way home.

* * *

This is not an event that happens often. This is not the kind of show you would see in any of the participating venues on an average Tuesday or even Saturday night so people gave it their all. Most attended at least a couple days and the select few were fortunate enough to hit up the Art Of panels throughout the week at the Thompson Hotel. Most of the judges were either on the panel or in attendance every day tipping hats to each other throughout the discussion, sharing personal stories and insights. We’ve talked about the history of music with DJ Denise Benson, went way back to the beginnings of DJ culture with the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and got to pick A-Track’s brain before his set at The Hoxton.

If you were really committed to experiencing Red Bull Thre3style you are probably exhausted and fulfilled, probably enjoying a caesar this afternoon with a tired smile. If you only had a chance to see one of the events you should head over to Thre3style homepage and watch the daily highlights, they’ll make you feel like you were there.

Having been there for nearly every event for us here at Quip this was a week of DJ Olympics, next time we do this I’m taking the whole week off.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull

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