Congo Natty’s “Jungle Revolution” is a clearing in the fog

by Whitney Richardson

Congo Natty aka Rebel MC swept through the land of endless mystery and boundless life and brought back a gift, Jungle Revolution. This whirling dervish of an artist has produced a highly collaborative package of bright, hot rhythms spinning radiations of peace and aliveness.

Opening call, “Revolution” paves the way into the jungle with a drum warm up, echoing spoken word to hypnotic vocals. A classic reggae beginning, it blurs the line between song and dance. From morning to high noon, the track conjures heat through humid vocals built against solid, tickling drums, punctuated by an unshakeable beats and crawling mysterious, elusive electronic sounds that echo animal coos.

The track, “Nu Beginningz featuring Sister Mary,” speaks of love, youth, peace and, of course, new beginnings, defined as a move toward a more unified mankind. “Because it’s all about the love that we forget to show each other in the past, move to the future…wise up, rise up…. this life is just for livin’….I don’t know where the unity has gone conscious has gone wrong in the Gideon Dawn.” Look behind us, see the wreckage and leave it behind, the story goes.

Throughout the album, Congo Natty produces modern hymns lacing an urban feel, spoken words like burned memories unavoidable in the streets spun with the timeless nature of the elements and the human condition. Jungle Revolution inspires shaking and movement. Its range of vocals – quickly interchanged highs to lows – produce a rhythm that lights up and produces harmony in the brain through the body and senses, reminiscent of the yogic tradition of allowing vibrations to rise from the floor through the spine to the third mind at the base of the skull.

“What does the future hold for you?” he asks his listeners. The message of moving toward love and unity is a clear choice.