COFRESI’s “Avant Suede” EP review

by Stephanie Casino

Avant Suede is the type of playlist that can get you in the mood. As sultry as this EP’s name is, it’s exactly what you’d expect- a list of sensuous songs that make sweet, sweet love to your beat-horny ears. COFRESI, Chicago-based producer and popular trap/club music DJ, has done us all a favor by mixing up some extremely sexy music this time around. A bit of a departure from his usual futurebass remixes, COFRESI’s latest EP has us seeing a softer, perhaps more emotional side of him.

COFRESI is a talented DJ and producer, offering impressive remixes often using recognizable music from mainstream artists such as Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and Snoop Dogg. A regularly featured DJ in the club music blogosphere (i.e.,, COFRESI has released his own original mixes in the past; however, his latest track releases show a noticeably mellower side of the producer.

Since this EP is only five tracks, COFRESI was smart to be selective with the tracks that fit the bill. And fit they did – all of his chosen tracks, titled after rich, sumptuous fabrics and textures, mesh together almost seamlessly. Despite the fact that these five tracks range in tempo and temperature, they all have something that his past mixes may lack: a seductively slower groove, tinted with baby-making R&B influence.

The tracks “Satin” and “Avant Suede” are feminine, sultry, and a bit brighter with a quick tempo. “Velvet” is even faster paced, featuring tons of layered futuristic sounds (think lasers and quickly cut vocals), and is definitely the climax of the short EP. “Leather” is as masculine as it sounds – rich and mellow, with multilayered echoes and deep vocals in the background. “Silk” is by far the sexiest of the bunch; the slower waves of bass entering in and out of the track can leave you feeling some type of way.

Avant Suede succeeds in not only giving COFRESI’s listeners a taste of his sensual side, but it also evokes emotion, something that most of his listeners may not be used to. As a club-industry heavy hitter, COFRESI’s work may be best associated with the superficial party life: big beats, tons of bass, and big hit remixes. With Avant Suede, you’re exposed to a more vulnerable side of COFRESI. Grab your mink coat and a glass of champagne when listening to this track list; this playlist is a must for any luxurious night out, or sexy night in.