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Cityreal still lost in Vancouver with “Prologue”


If you haven’t already heard, last week Vancouver rapper and producer, Remi Huot, aka Cityreal, released his new EP Prologue, as a preface to his album Lost In Vancouver. With six new tracks, Cityreal hopes to set the tone for his latest sound and work of art. Searching for a sound that is both dark and emotional, but hopeful at the same time.

Cityreal certainly accomplishes all of the above, and his songs are captivating. With help from the Vancouver Film Orchestra and composer Todor Kobakov, he was able to produce something original and often beautiful. Huot also has many guest appearances from stars like Swollen Members, LIINKS, and City vs Soul. Though this EP is packed with stars, at times it can be hard to decipher whether it would have the same vibe if he didn’t have so much other talent as a part of it. That being said, Huot’s rhymes and thought provoking insight has its qualities too. Songs like “Nobody” have a little 90’s hip-hop inspiration, which is oddly fresh. In songs like “Antigraceful” he has a way of telling you something that can be heavy to hear, but nice to listen to.

Cityreal ends the prologue with “Cruisin’ 15” which samples the original Smokey Robinson classic from 1979. It feels like the perfect way to finish off this release because we know the ride is not over. If his album reflects the rest of his work, then we have a lot to look forward to. We also may have some high expectations. Looking forward to cruisin’ on with Cityreal.

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