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Caveman live in Toronto



One of the new albums that made it on to our best of 2011 New Music list is by a five man band from the heart of New York, Caveman.

After self-publishing their first, and very quickly critically acclaimed, album CoCo Beware , the band took the modern pleasantries of what’s been defined as “hang out” music on the road for a series of live shows. The tour kicked off last night at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

Let’s just say this city was way overdue for some calm and collected music awesomeness. The crowd was off to a slow start, but the atmosphere of love didn’t take too long to spread it’s vocal joy across the venue, demanding for replays of new songs, in addition to other general pleasantries.

Good music is all about pristine synergy and these guys have it all figured out from the bass to the synths. Each song flawlessly flows into the next, building up to an epic conclusion with “My Room.”  This music will take you on a journey. Whether your ideal setting is a beach or a cabin in the wild woods, Caveman will take you there one song at a time.

Without a doubt a must-see live show!

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