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BRAIDS live at The Horseshoe Tavern


BRAIDS, A dream pop trio based out of Montreal, took a melancholic approach to their performance at The Horseshoe Tavern on Thursday night.

Arriving to a patiently waiting audience who kept their composure throughout the set, BRAIDS wasted no time in launching right into their third album, Deep in the Iris. Front woman Raphaelle Standell-Preston exercised her vocals in a haunting, melancholic delivery that was impressive in both range and volume. Mixing staccato percussions with swift melodies, the group’s looping, synthetic beats were strong, though at times overpowering Standell-Preston’s gentle lyrics. Standing-out with hits that included “Taste” and “Miniskirt”, BRAIDS delivered an introspective show juxtaposed against the clamour of The Horseshoe’s front bar crowd.

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