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Bonobo’s EP “Flashlight”: Three tracks aren’t enough


by Stephanie Casino

Bonobo (Simon Green) has been sharing his masterful mixes of internationally influenced downtempo beats with the world for the past 15 years, and since his last release nearly two years ago (which has kept him busy touring for the entire two year time span), Bonobo has finally released a new and much anticipated EP Flashlight.

Flashlight only features three tracks, all with different wavelengths and slightly different moods. All capture Bonobo’s skillful use of atmospheric sound and haunting ambience, but in different ways. Perhaps these three tracks were chosen for the very fact that they are all unique in tempo, mood and sound complexity.

The title track is light, jolly, airy and has an upbeat vibe. A feel-good track, “Flashlight” leaves you dancing in a field at dawn. One can almost describe this track as “spritely” and lighthearted, which is quite a departure from Bonobo’s recognizable “darkness.”

“Pelican,” the second track, sounds a bit more like Bonobo’s North Borders tracks – a bit deeper, mellower, and definitely sexier than the title track. Choppy beats layered with choppier female vocals give this progressive beat a loungey sound. Definitely a song that can make you feel sultry and seductive. One has to wonder though, why he chose a word like “pelican” to describe this sexy beat.

“Return to Air” finishes off this too-short EP with a typical Bonobo rhythm – not too fast, not too slow and oozing with feminine influence. International sounds can be heard in this track – from light repetitive latin drum beats to a deeper African bass, mixed with a modern atmospheric sound. The pace changes slightly throughout the song, keeping things interesting as Bonobo always does.

Listening to these three chosen tracks leaves you yearning for more. Bonobo definitely knows how to keep his fans intrigued; his next full length release will most likely be his best ever yet. His sounds keep evolving into increasingly complex layered music, yet he still manages to retain a certain style to his impressive music.

Release date: December 2, 2014

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