Yes, androids dream. Review of Andrew Bayer’s latest EP

by Max Jones

To answer the question posed by Andrew Bayer‘s latest epic release: Yes, androids dream. They dream about being represented in musical form by Andrew Bayer. His EP, Do Androids Dream, features 5 ‘songs,’ but it is really meant to be consumed as one huge electronic masterpiece. It opens with parts 1 & 2 of “Do Androids Dream?” and never slows down from that point onward.

Bayer has talked about how melodies and arrangements have suffered from electronic music’s steadfast devotion to sounding as big as possible. In other words, in the interest of blowing your mind, DJs have forgotten to please your ears. Bayer has found a way to do both, and as his EP slowly builds to the climax he showcases why he should be perceived as a songwriter and not simply a beatmaker. The buildup makes the payoff that much sweeter when the songs peak with some of the most face-melting sounds you will hear this year.

To support the release Bayer is embarking on an 11-stop tour, and audiences across North America are in for a treat. This DJ knows how to use his songs to work the crowd into a lather from the moment the first beat drops. To be perfectly honest, though, ‘performance’ might be a bit generous. The work of mixing and producing this album is significant, but once Bayer hits the stage his work is done. All he has to do then is push play and let his audience experience what it feels like to party in an androids dream.