Turn the love dial to Rose Quartz

by Whitney Richardson | photo by Grace Wiley

Rose Quartz, an all-male electro-pop quartet from Denver, CO, (doubled from a 2-part vocal production at their inception) has been turning heads in the indie music scene over the last few months, wrapping up their spring 2015 tour with the Generationals just last week in Chicago. They boast as sultry synth pop music on SoundCloud, a cute way of sexualizing their love disco tunes.

Their current single, “Leaving Now”, satisfies my most base desire to move the body and believe in love. There is something familiar and boyish about the music, reminiscent of how I felt as a pre-teen – listening to Backstreet Boys on my Walkman, scribbling lyrics on loose leaf. I feel guilty making the allusion public. Being relatively new as a band and achieving esteem and commercial applause, through the likes of a Red Bull contract, touring with indie type bands such as Generationals, Cut Copy, St. Lucia and Future Islands, I have a hard time divorcing their sound from the simulated pop music market.

In the land of healing crystals, Rose Quartz is known as the love stone, signifying unconditional love that works to open the heart chakra: self-love, family, platonic, romantic and unconditional, bringing love to daily life, offering inner warmth and lowering stress, soothing those around it. I like to imagine that these musicians would like to apply the same thinking to their music, making universal love songs to transmit through the air waves. A very well packaged product, they released their first EP, Axis of Love, in January of 2015.

To test the magical powers of the music; an experiment to leave you with. Rose quartz has been used to ease the process of dying – to make the transition gentle, surrounding people with the unconditional love of the divine. Rose Quartz can also be helpful in dream recall and dream work. Try Rose Quartz as a temporary love spell to get your hips gyrating and your heart racing. Let’s see where this takes us.