Song premier: Noha Saré “All” single & music video


Amsterdam-based artist Noha Saré is releasing a fresh new single today title “All”. The new single is a further exploration into Noha’s personal musings, love, and healing.

Noha Saré draws on various genres for inspiration focusing the music on her powerful and sensitive voice. When speaking about the track Noha shared:

“‘All’ is about a toxic relationship in which I am unable to break free from. Despite all the humiliation and pain, I’m not capable to end the relationship and to choose for myself. Caught in a toxic web, I’m constantly challenging my love to end it, because I know I won’t be able to do it… My apparent invulnerability is the only thing that’s left,” she explains “the wry lyrics in combination with a cheerful sounding melody create an interesting tension.”

The song release is aligned with a matching music video “inspired by the hidden absurdity of our everyday lives” Noha points out. “Puck Litaay (director) and I, translated the song into ironic series of fantasies in which I try to break free from my lover. At first glance, the viewer might recognize these images; A couple, placed in various quasi-romantic settings, teasing one another. But nothing’s what it seems. Without batting an eye, I sing along with my song while my partner gets killed in most cinematic, theatrical ways.”

Check it out now:

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