Shabba Ranks

Shabba Ranks confirmed for Reggae Sumfest 2020 lineup

Reggae Sumfest is slowly coming together and today the festival organizers announced that the legendary artist Shabba Ranks will be taking the stage in Negril this summer.

“We were determined to bring Shabba back to the Sumfest stage and worked extremely hard to get him signed. We are proud and feel a special sense of achievement to have been able to provide the opportunity for our Jamaican and international reggae fans to enjoy, live, the stylings of one of the icons of the Jamaican music industry”, said Joe Bogdanovich, the Sumfest boss. “I am looking forward to what I am certain will be a brilliant performance. Our aim, as the promoters of the Reggae Sumfest brand, is to celebrate the best of Jamaica’s music and culture”, he added. This would be his third performance on the Sumfest stage and it will undoubtedly be another special show.

Some of the artists already highlighting the festival lineup are the two female powerhouses, Spice and Koffee. The rest of the line up is yet to be announced.  Among other new the festival organizers have also made a commitment to increase security and safety at the venue, address the space constrains by increasing the area size, and parking issues by creating more parking space.