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Rachel Chinouriri’s “What a Devastating Turn of Events” takes listeners on an emotional odyssey


One of the most miraculous aspects of art is that the artist has ownership over how they choose to express themselves. The artist determines the depth of their message, revealing their story, past hurts, and the subjects that haunt them to their listeners.

British alternative indie-pop artist Rachel Chinouriri fearlessly pours her emotions into her debut album, What A Devastating Turn of Events, featuring 14 soul-stirring tracks. 

Set for release on May 3rd, this record is a meaningful journey through Rachel’s world. Rachel doesn’t shy away from layering each track with luxurious harmonies and lyrics that pierce pretense, striking an existential chord.

The album kicks off with a powerful start on “Garden of Eden,” a profound track delving into the struggle of trying to conform while losing sight of oneself. With the recurring lyric, “No point in trying to prove yourself to them. Why question who you are from deep within? No matter what, your youth is gonna end,” Rachel challenges the notion that life is fleeting, urging listeners to embrace their true selves.

The second track on the album, “The Hills,” is as profound as the first but serves as the album’s anthem. It carries a haunting quality reminiscent of the early 2000s, nostalgically nodding to emo-rock. Next up is “Never Need Me,” a standout powerhouse track amidst the rest of the album. The recurring lyric, “If you can’t change, I doubt that I can help you,” acts as the song’s central theme. With its deliciously heavy guitar riffs and steady drum beat, it’s a tune that instinctively makes you bop your head. 

Ideal for prepping for a night out, this track is relatable across diverse relationships and possesses a cinematic quality, worthy of placement on a movie soundtrack, thanks to its big sound.

“My Everything” has an undeniable swagger, featuring a slow-rocking rhythm complemented by vocal ad-libs that deepen the richness of Rachel’s lyrics. Backed by distorted guitar in the chorus, “My Everything” carries a weighty atmosphere that amplifies the emotional turmoil of someone deeply invested in a relationship, only to see it falter.

Moreover, “I Hate Myself” is a candid exploration of self-loathing, encompassing feelings towards one’s body and skin. The repetition of “I’m a victim of my mind” is accompanied by melodic guitar and a steady beat, conveying the relentless struggle of never feeling adequate, before transitioning midway to a narrative of self-acceptance. It beautifully illuminates the journey towards self-love.

The closing acoustic track, “So My Darling,” holds a special place for me on this album. Its intimacy is captivating, highlighting Rachel’s beautifully dynamic vocals. With acoustic guitar delicately complementing the main vocal line, this track is easily replayable, evoking the depths of unconditional love in a relationship.

What A Devastating Turn of Events shines with Rachel’s unapologetic honesty as each track explores lessons learned from life’s trials and tribulations. It offers philosophical insights to listeners, fostering a feeling of ease and understanding.

I firmly believe that this is just the beginning for genre-bending Rachel Chinouriri as she paves the way for other artists who dare to boldly create music that’s raw and unapologetically authentic to themselves.

Images by Lauren Harris, courtesy of the artist

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