Our team

Patrick Smith

Photographer, Portland

Patrick Smith is a recent transplant from Chicago. Having studied film/video in college, he has always had a deep interest in telling stories through images. In the last decade, Patrick veered away from film/video and into mixing cocktails/running a James Beard award-winning bar. During a mystical journey in Costa Rica, he decided to pursue an idea that had been percolating in the back of his mind for some time, that being photography. His timing lined up perfectly with the start of the pandemic, which has led to an interesting beginning in a new career. Undeterred, Patrick has taken any opportunity to photograph his wide range of interests from music, to friends, street photography, and landscapes.


Videographer, Chicago

Phase is a videographer currently based in Chicago, Illinois. He started off his creative process producing music with his friends in high school, which developed into creating content centered around promoting their music. This kicked off a lifelong journey and passion for content production. As a full-time videographer and editor, he now works on a wide range of content, ranging from commercials to live shows and documentaries, but always stays intimately close to his roots in music.

Philip A Holmes

Philip A Holmes, Writer, Portland

Philip A Holmes is not only the writer of this article but also a tour manager and rapidly aging former musician.

Rachel Marie

Photographer, Portland

Rebecca has been a photographer since 2011, capturing everything from birth photos to 50th wedding anniversary events. Originally from the east coast, Rebecca currently lives in Portland, Oregon. In her spare time, she enjoys live music, running, yoga, and hiking. Whenever possible, she is making plans for travel, either regionally or across the world. Her favorite non-human inspiration is reflections, power lines, and pigeon flight.  If she sees an opportunity to incorporate one of these into a shot, she probably will.

Ryan Rose

Writer & Photographer, NYC

Ryan Rose is a photographer, writer, and avid cartoonist based in Brooklyn, NY. She enjoys discovering new music across all genres and listening as she rollerblades through the streets of NYC.

Sage Huston

Writer, Chicago

Sage Huston is a sketch comedian and tennis ruffian in Chicago. She loves hiking and forcing her friends to listen to folk music on road trips. Recent favorites include Becca Mancari and Skyway Man. 

Sherron Shabazz

Writer, Chicago

Sherron likes big butts and he cannot lie. In addition, he is a freelance writer with an intense passion for hoops and Hip-Hop culture. He’s shared his opinions for various outlets including SLAM Online, Swish Appeal, and HipHopDX.com. Currently, Sherron interviews the biggest and brightest artists in rap at TheRealHip-Hop.com.

Spencer Starnes

Photographer, Chicago

Originally from West Texas and educated in Narrative Film Making from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Spencer Starnes is a professional New York City fashion photographer. He works with brands such as Palmer Trading Company, Freeman's Sporting Club, Nomad: The Wandering Fashion Boutique and Urbful LLC. Currently, Spencer lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Stephen Caissie

Photographer, Toronto

Stephen is a self-taught photographer living and working in Toronto. His forte is portraiture, of the editorial and fashion sort, although he does have a bit of a soft spot for landscapes. He also enjoys ghost town hunting in and around southern Ontario, collecting and refinishing antiques, learning Japanese and designing logos for heavy metal bands in far-off countries. He shares his home with a wonderfully supportive wife and a completely indifferent cat.

Thomas Moultrie

Writer, Toronto

Thomas Moultrie is a writer. His creative writing has been published in various literary journals, and his music reviews can be read in Quip Magazine, and PAN M 360. He currently lives in Canada.

Trevor James McNeil

Writer, Vancouver

Trevor James McNeil grew up in an old house in the country with several ghosts, as well as his mother and brother. He holds an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the first school he applied to, and cut his teeth writing journalism for the best part of a decade. His influences include Lester Bangs, Hunter S. Thompson and Suroosh Alvi. He firmly believes that Cocteau Twins are underrated and The Smiths would have been better as a trio.

Vicki Mahony

Photographer, Toronto

Vicky first started out in video around 10 years ago, which started the passion for photography. She got her first DSLR in 2009 and took lots of travel, surreal portraits and candids as my time as a teenager and thereafter school plays. Having tried video over and over again it still didn’t feel like the right fit but the love for photography grew with the years. She came across concert photography by Brad Heaton who shot for Twenty One Piliots’ Emotional Roadshow tour and thought, “this is totally my style, that must be a dream job.” And then, a new career opened up and now she is pursuing her two greatest loves: music and photography.