Our team

Kristie Kahns

Photographer & Writer, Chicago

Kristie is a freelance photographer based in Chicago, specializing in capturing movement, creative portraits, and performances. She received a BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. Remaining close to her first passion of dance, she has spent over a decade as a part of the Chicago dance community through her camera, photographing everything from ballet to b-boy crews to capoeira to tap dance. Her deep love for the Chicago music scene began years ago, attending Sunday jam sessions at the old Velvet Lounge. Since then, she has worked with artists in Chicago’s vibrant hip hop and jazz scenes, photographing performances and festivals all over the city. The creative process of artists is something that fascinates her, so she enjoys collaborating with artists off stage, behind the scenes, in rehearsal or in their studios, to reveal different facets of their work and personalities.

Luis Enriquez

Photographer, Toronto

Luis is a Toronto based photographer. His work has been published in various media and incorporates fashion, portrait, event, wedding, commercial and fine art. Luis has always been fascinated with photography and the many creative opportunities and life experiences it offers. When not shooting he can be found indulging his passion for music by listening to his extensive music collection, playing his guitars and saxophones or taking in a live concert.

Manny Diaz

Photographer, Chicago

Manny is a freelance photographer from Chicago that focuses mainly on concerts. He received his big break in 2012 and hasn’t stopped since. He is a recent Graphic Design graduate from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. His spare time is occupied by spending time with friends and his puppy, Loki.

Matt Caprioli

Writer, Chicago

Matt Caprioli was born in San Diego, raised in LA, moved to Alaska, went to college in MA, and now lives in New York City. He reads a lot of fiction. His accolades include being a good person and winning the California State Under 12 Figure Skating Competition. During the day he sells fancy paper to the likes of David Sedaris, Dan Akroyd and Lady Gaga’s mother.

Morgan Harris

Photographer, Toronto

Morgan has dedicated his career to capturing the emotions and passion of music. With a never ending love for music Morgan is most comfortable at concerts with a camera in hand ready to get she shot. His work has taken him from backstage at the Rogers Centre to the tiniest clubs the city has to offer. Morgan is always ready to capture the best moments of the day.

Nathaniel Windisch

Photographer, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nathaniel Windisch is a photographer/videographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Capturing performances is challenging yet so rewarding, he believes photography is capable of transcending the sentiments of every day, a brief moment in time, frozen, to forever live on. These are the moments he aims to always pursue. 

Neil Nourigat

Photographer, Portland

Neil is a Portland-based photographer and videographer. Focused on documenting authenticity, his run-and-gun style allows him to capture genuine moments. Having a deep love and admiration for music, attending live shows has always been a priority for Neil.

Patrick Smith

Portland, Photographer

Patrick Smith is a recent transplant from Chicago. Having studied film/video in college, he has always had a deep interest in telling stories through images. In the last decade, Patrick veered away from film/video and into mixing cocktails/running a James Beard award-winning bar. During a mystical journey in Costa Rica, he decided to pursue an idea that had been percolating in the back of his mind for some time, that being photography. His timing lined up perfectly with the start of the pandemic, which has led to an interesting beginning in a new career. Undeterred, Patrick has taken any opportunity to photograph his wide range of interests from music, to friends, street photography, and landscapes.

Rachel Marie

Photographer, Portland

Rebecca has been a photographer since 2011, capturing everything from birth photos to 50th wedding anniversary events. Originally from the east coast, Rebecca currently lives in Portland, Oregon. In her spare time, she enjoys live music, running, yoga, and hiking. Whenever possible, she is making plans for travel, either regionally or across the world. Her favorite non-human inspiration is reflections, power lines, and pigeon flight.  If she sees an opportunity to incorporate one of these into a shot, she probably will.

Rebecca Day

Writer, Portland

Originally from Maine, Rebecca is a Portland, OR based writer and copywriter. She is an avid knitter and a firm believer that no genre of music is inherently bad.

Scott Wilson

Writer, Chicago

Scott Wilson graduated from the University of Iowa where he was taught to be nice and read quietly by himself. His work has been featured in Chinese in-flight magazines, eco-friendly and sustainable blogs, and organic grass fed literary journals. He also works as a bike mechanic. In the past he has dabbled in black magic, voodoo, Satanic rituals, and shopping at Wal-mart -but it was a phase. Scott is a good guy. He’s never stolen anything, he has good table manners, he bikes slowly and wears a helmet.

Sherron Shabazz

Writer, Chicago

Sherron likes big butts and he cannot lie. In addition, he is a freelance writer with an intense passion for hoops and Hip-Hop culture. He’s shared his opinions for various outlets including SLAM Online, Swish Appeal, and HipHopDX.com. Currently, Sherron interviews the biggest and brightest artists in rap at TheRealHip-Hop.com.