Our team

Jade Newton

Writer, California

Jade has been a music journalist for Quip since 2014 and enjoys the entire spectrum of music thanks to her family of musicians and music lovers. A native of Chicago, now living in Southern California, Jade works as a linguist. When she isn’t writing for Quip or working on something linguistics-related, she enjoys reading, volunteering with non-profits organizations and traveling.

Jay Charlii

Jay Charlii, Photographer, New York

Jay Charlii is a visual artist based in Brooklyn by way of the Pacific Northwest. In 2017, she spent time in London, where she began shooting 35mm film and later continued with digital. Since then, she has found herself in multiple aspects of the creative industry. In 2021, she began collaborating with artists and designers, on their visual storytelling, promo and music videos, performance, and day-to-day documentation.

Kateryna Topol

Founder and Editor in Chief, Toronto

A near decade ago Kateryna realized that it was time to translate her passion for music into a tangible product which very quickly became the first iteration of QupMag.com. Today Kateryna is spearheading what has become a recognized North American music publication with a team of contributors across major Canadian and US cities, documenting stories and shining a spotlight on new music. Kateryna also currently holds a seat on the FACTOR jury board. Working as a Design Director in emerging tech by day Kateryna splits her time between these two different industries consistently searching for talent and opportunities to grow the publication in new ways. Still very much actively writing herself she can be often spotted in photo pits of various stages across the city and sharing live from international music festivals showcasing a range of genres from indie, to reggae, to obscure sub-genres of electronic.

Kristie Kahns

Photographer & Writer, Chicago

Kristie is a freelance photographer based in Chicago, specializing in capturing movement, creative portraits, and performances. She received a BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. Remaining close to her first passion of dance, she has spent over a decade as a part of the Chicago dance community through her camera, photographing everything from ballet to b-boy crews to capoeira to tap dance. Her deep love for the Chicago music scene began years ago, attending Sunday jam sessions at the old Velvet Lounge. Since then, she has worked with artists in Chicago’s vibrant hip hop and jazz scenes, photographing performances and festivals all over the city. The creative process of artists is something that fascinates her, so she enjoys collaborating with artists off stage, behind the scenes, in rehearsal or in their studios, to reveal different facets of their work and personalities.

Luis Enriquez

Photographer, Toronto

Luis is a Toronto based photographer. His work has been published in various media and incorporates fashion, portrait, event, wedding, commercial and fine art. Luis has always been fascinated with photography and the many creative opportunities and life experiences it offers. When not shooting he can be found indulging his passion for music by listening to his extensive music collection, playing his guitars and saxophones or taking in a live concert.

Manny Diaz

Photographer, Chicago

Manny is a freelance photographer from Chicago that focuses mainly on concerts. He received his big break in 2012 and hasn’t stopped since. He is a recent Graphic Design graduate from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. His spare time is occupied by spending time with friends and his puppy, Loki.

Mateo Wilches

Photographer, NYC

Born in Bogota, Colombia now in New York. From a young age, art has always been a part of my life. Although photography came to me after high school, it rapidly became my passion and natural to me. Ever since I have been developing my own style. I enjoy working in the music industry since it gives me the freedom to express myself with no boundaries. I expect to keep moving forward and enjoy the process and every opportunity that comes my way.

Michael Hanna

Writer, Chicago

Michael Hanna is a musician and actor based in Chicago, IL. He plays with Naked Brunch (@nakedbrunchchicago) and Ready Freddie (@readyfreddiempls). He loves fiction, bread, and accidentally bringing the mood down at a party by playing sad music.

Nathaniel Windisch

Photographer, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nathaniel Windisch is a photographer/videographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Capturing performances is challenging yet so rewarding, he believes photography is capable of transcending the sentiments of every day, a brief moment in time, frozen, to forever live on. These are the moments he aims to always pursue. 

Nathan Miller

Writer, London, UK

Nathan is a writer based in the UK. A music aficionado from a young age, he loves discovering and writing about new artists.

Neil Nourigat

Photographer, Portland

Neil is a Portland-based photographer and videographer. Focused on documenting authenticity, his run-and-gun style allows him to capture genuine moments. Having a deep love and admiration for music, attending live shows has always been a priority for Neil.

Niall Fitzgerald

Writer, Boston

Niall Fitzgerald is a Bostonian living in Boston. He has written for New York-based music blog The Note and is an avid fan of music and dive bars. He once shared a bike lane on Sandy Boulevard with Steve Malkmus.