Just the way we like it: Cymbals Eat Guitars at Schuba’s

by Rose Blanton

Cymbals Eat Guitars are not messing around. First of all, “Lose” is an incredible album with serious guitars and thoughtful lyricism. Secondly, they didn’t waste one second at Schuba’s on Saturday. They were on time for their set and, once on stage, picked up their instruments and went straight into Warning. Mama likes.

From Warning they continue on with Chambers. An impressive thing about Chambers (and the CEG in general) is how D’Agostino is able to flip from his Staten Island howl into a falsetto mid lyric “Dear Christ, does it get lonely?”

At this point D’Agostino takes a moment to announce himself and the band. This is pretty much the only time he makes small talk. I really find this fantastic. I feel so many artists throw temper tantrums on stage, which is annoying, because most people are indulging in concerts to escape every day life. Please, don’t stop your song to bitch.

Next up is XR – this song could have very easily supported some rambling from Joe, due to the fact that it’s about the death of a childhood friend but this is a “no-rambling” zone. It’s at this point in the show that I notice D’Agostino doesn’t look like some underground indie hero, he kind of looks like a Guido, but a very sexy, musically inclined Guido, in a mesh tank top and a gold chain.

I don’t know what the next song was because I was buying a beer… sorry. The majority of the set is “Lose”. I want to take a moment here and really expand on the impressiveness of this album. If you’re a waxhead, this is something you should consider adding to your collection. Every song shows a mastery of guitar skills and in-depth, intricate lyrics. And it’s got a sweet cover photo, bro.

They do break up the set with a few tracks from “Lenses Alien”, which, in likeness to “Lose”, was produced by John Agnello.

I can feel the end is coming. But instead of walking off stage and making the crowd go into pandemonium, D’Agostino simply asks if we want more songs.  Yes please, Joe.

Great set, great venue, great album. The boys from Staten Island done good!