EP review: Emika “Searching”

by Max Jones

Synthesized drums, haunting vocals, and futuristic sounds characterize the latest effort from Emika; a 3-song EP, Searching.

The title track opens and the audience is treated to the dark side of scando-pop (that’s short for Scandinavian, obvi), in a track would have worked wonders alongside The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. For the follow-up, “Sing to Me,” we’re offered more of a club track, with a recurring keyboard riff throughout the song accompanied by a steadier, if lighter, drumbeat.

The synth stuff is still omnipresent, and her layered vocals sound great within the context of the song, but never lead you to say, “wow, that girl can sing.” The final track, “She Beats”, however, will make you think, “wow, I should be running away from an evil German DJ to this beat,” which you’re probably tired of thinking by this point in your life. Yet it’s true.

The takeaway from the EP is that Emika’s beatmaker sure knows how to convey the mood of a dark, underground club, and Emika’s angelically sinister voice is the perfect compliment to those beats.  Is it enough to make any of these songs gems? You be the judge, I’ve got to keep running away from that evil German DJ.