bulletproof stockings

Bulletproof Stockings: Where soul & religion meet to rock

text: Evie Saphire-Bernstein

You may or may not have heard of Bulletproof Stockings, the most recent Jewish musical act to thrust into the underground music circle. Part Chassidish, part soul, this duo (and sometimes trio) has put together an EP that has made its way through the Jewish music scene and out into pop music.

At their most recent concert, Bulletproof Stockings was the name on everyones tongue. As the crowd waited through a few openers, concert-goers wandered and watched while various camera crews set up and waited for the main act to show. The group is currently the main subject of Sarah Berkovich’s thesis from Stanford University graduate film program and is also  the focus of a musical feature from AOL music, coming out soon.

Once the concert began, the room exploded. What was before a very large room filled with a hundred or so aimless young women became a raucous party, a world separate from the usual sedate world in which many Orthodox Jewish girls reside.  Before you take that as criticism, note this: Bulletproof Stockings have made it clear that an outlet for these young girls is exactly what their shows intend to be. A world just for them, so they can let loose, and not worry about men ruining their good time. It’s part of their religious beliefs, and why they don’t perform live for men.

Simply put, the music was spectacular. Perl Wolfe, the lead singer, songwriter, and pianist has a strong jazzy voice that some in the press have compared to Fiona Apple, but which actually has more in common with the late Amy Winehouse. She is a powerhouse, and the driving force behind the passion of their music. Dalia Shusterman, the drummer, is superb and strong, one of the few female drummers who rocks harder than the boys. Together, their passion is unmatched. Their songs ‘Easy Pray’, and ‘Frigid City’ were well known to the crowd, and while their was no moshing, one could witness wild gesticulating, intense twirling, and even a can-can line during the show.

Needless to say, the show was a massive success. Be on the lookout for Bulletproof Stockings, my friends. Take it from me—they are a musical experience you don’t want to miss.