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A little bit of Seoul live in Toronto


This Wednesday Toronto’s Garrison was home to Seoul, a Montreal-based trio comprised of Julian Flavin, Dexter Garcia, and Nigel Ward. The band has been around for a few years releasing singles while touring around North America’s small intimate venues. Since the inception the band got signed by Grand Jury and is dropping a debut album, The Line, later this year.

Toronto was their fifth stop of a 3-month spring tour. In the true spirit of Wednesdays, the Garrison was crowded by awake and ambitious bodies with the front line being a mini dance stage. Seoul’s music is by definition dream-pop, the kind of music that draws light ocean imagery in your hand, you can almost feel the soft breeze on your cheek. In a similar way the show was relaxing and sadly very brief. The charming thing about the band is they all sing and do so in excellent sync. An issue that often surfaces with multiple voices in bands is vocal inconsistency but Seoul come together as one seamlessly transitioning from one voice to the other.

The trio played their top hits like “White Morning” and “Stay With Us” converting the plus-ones into new fans and just as everyone got into the spirit from the front to the back Seoul bowed out after playing for just over half hour.

Lets hope that once the album is out Seoul will return to T-dot with a more substantial repertoire to share with their fans.

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