Our team

Tyler Nanson

Writer, Toronto

A recently converted Torontonian, Tyler Nanson is a screenwriter, film junkie, audiophile and professional self-loather who has written for institutions such as 102.1 The Edge. His favorite hobby is complaining about things while proposing zero solutions and his favorite flavor of ice cream is shame."

Vicky Mahony

Photographer, Toronto

Vicky first started out in video around 10 years ago, which started the passion for photography. She got her first DSLR in 2009 and took lots of travel, surreal portraits and candids as my time as a teenager and thereafter school plays. Having tried video over and over again it still didn’t feel like the right fit but the love for photography grew with the years. She came across concert photography by Brad Heaton who shot for Twenty One Piliots’ Emotional Roadshow tour and thought, “this is totally my style, that must be a dream job.” And then, a new career opened up and now she is pursuing her two greatest loves: music and photography.

Vidal N. Granados

Writer, Chicago

Vidal has been writing reviews for movies, video games, and music albums/concerts for the past three years. Since watching The Beatles movie, "A Hard Days Night", he has always wanted to write about the people behind the music. In his free time Vidal watches old boxing matches, attend local open mics or tries to catch up on sleep.  Writer, beginner photographer, unprofessional beatboxer, out of shape skater, collector of cassette tapes, Nintendo fan. 

Yvonne Yuen

Photographer, New York

Yvonne Yuen is a freelance portrait, fashion & music photographer. She also works in digital media elevating brands through influencer marketing. When she's not shooting or busy editing, she can be found hopping around Brooklyn and loves nothing more than playing with dogs on the streets of New York.