Our team

Alana Mayer

Photographer, New York

Alana Mayer is an LA transplant who has made Brooklyn home for the past 8 years. During that time she's dipped her toes in a variety of creative ventures from music and portrait photography to sustainable design and even starting a lingerie line called The Dawn Studio. Yoga and meditation keep her sane (most of the time), so when not at a music show, listening to quality tunes or creating some of her own, you can catch her teaching yoga around the city.

Alec Berton

Writer, New York

Alec Berton is a Brooklyn based writer. Studied the English language at Hunter College. On his spare time Alec also makes music.

Anna Topol

Editor, Vancouver

Anna is a techie with an affliction for art, music, and photography. She's pro Oxford comma and against overuse of semicolons. Toronto ex-pat currently based (mostly) in Vancouver.

Bianca Lecompte

Photographer, Montreal

Bianca Lecompte, Montreal based photographer that specializes in portraiture, travel, documentary & illustration. Curious and passionate of foreign cultures, she documents passionately her journeys abroad. Currently focussing on building a serie of illustrative portraiture using different types of mediums. Some of her work can be seen on CBC, Metro, QuipMag, Forget the Box and Elementality & Cancuníssimo.

Haley Paula Stein

Writer, New York

Haley Stein is a big-time music nerd and a small-time writer. Sometimes she gets her thoughts penned down and out in cyberspace for Quip Magazine, Stellar Underground, and the likes. Her non-marketable skills include living life and wandering aimlessly, which she has extensively practiced in Central Appalachia, the Rocky Mountain foothills, the Spanish Sierra Nevada, and, most recently, the cold, hard streets of New York City. 

Jackie Willson

Writer, Toronto

From a childhood love of everything fashionable, Jackie is pursuing a career within the fashion industry through events, PR, and now writing. She is currently working for the not-for-profit company, Fashion Takes Action, and is comfortable with dabbling in all things social and, of course, being quite stylish while doing it.

Jack Pontarello

Photographer, Chicago

I am a Chicago based photographer who started about 2 years ago when I bought my first Nikon camera. Began shooting mostly urban landscape/street work in Chicago but eventually moved into other photography categories such as live music. There’s nothing more that I love besides live music and photography. The two colliding in my life has been an awesome experience having the opportunity to shoot artists such as Shakey Graves, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Cherub. Born and Raised in the Chicagoland area, currently residing in the Chicago neighbourhood of Bucktown. 

Jade Newton

Writer, Chicago & LA

A self-professed hip hop and reggae head, Jade is a native of the Windy City. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. A retired pageant queen – coming out of retirement – she currently works as a brand ambassador and spends most of her free time reading, writing, and volunteering with non-profit organizations. Jade enjoys the entire spectrum of music, thanks to her musician father and her uncle, both of whom taught her to appreciate all genres of music.

Jake Goldbas

Writer, New York

Jacob Goldbas is a writer and market researcher who lives in Brooklyn. He started writing for Quip in 2019, and contributes theater reviews for Hi! Drama, a theater review magazine on Facebook. In 2013 he won an essay contest for the Washington, DC Jewish Community Center. When he isn’t reviewing concerts, theater, and new music, he writes his own music for his band Carbon Dioxide, which you can hear at his SoundCloud.

Kateryna Topol

Founder and Editor, Toronto

Toronto-based product designer by day, music journalist and editor the rest of the time. Kateryna is the founder of Quip magazine, closeted anthropologist and aspiring travel writer with a degree in Communications, among a few other things.

Kris Lori Fuentes Cortes

Photographer, Chicago

Kris Fuentes Cortes aka Kris Lori is a Boston-raised but Chicago-based photographer. She is the house photographer for Chicago’s Thalia Hall and Bottom Lounge. Kris works with a variety of outlets and clients and her hustle never stops. When she isn’t shooting something; she can easily be found at a coffee shop around the city or volunteering with Hope For The Day. She also lives to travel so any trips she can take for photo gigs is always a plus in her book.

Laura Eley

Writer, Toronto

Laura is a bright-eyed Toronto native, with a penchant for the Scarborough Bluffs and dachshunds. After graduating with a B.A. in English, she wandered through the world of television production before snuggling into a 9-5 job with free coffee. Currently, she writes freelance and is working on numerous idea nuggets that she hopes will someday be something. If she won the Mega Millions – or was J.K. Rowling, same thing – she would pay off her friends’ debt (yeah, it’s good to be her friend) and spend her days biking the Yukon, shopping Paris, and drinking Starbucks in NYC.