CHAPPO knows its audience better than itself. Album review

by Susan Shelton

Simple, but nowhere close to boring. Dance with me, CHAPPO, and your music will echo off of the trees. This album could keep anyone company if there was no one was around to talk to. Not quite as psychedelic or dark as MGMT, CHAPPO’s Former Future Self still has similar attributes to MGMT’s highly synthesized musical poetry.

The striking instrumentals in this album make it absolutely perfect. The melodic drum kit works perfectly with the synthesizer. It is never dull, even for a single second, and when the music slows down, it picks up again at just the right time. The entire album is rhythmic at all the right moments and CHAPPO makes better use of a xylophone sound than any other band out there. With an always light sounding passion, CHAPPO keeps the listener continually bobbing their head and never gets too heavy sounding, even when the different instruments are layered on thick.

This perfectly balanced music would not be as successful without the vocals. The vocals fluctuate with each song; between echoing falsettos and a steady paced soft rock. The vocals always compliment the music and there is no confusing tone difference between instruments and vocals – the way there can be with some up and coming alternative musicians. It’s perfect. The lyrics are relatable and enjoyable for relaxing listening, but it is not relaxing to the point of sleep, even the slower songs are too upbeat and interesting to use as a sleep aid.

Creativity is evident in CHAPPO’s work, but not creativity so bizarre that it loses the audience. Any fan of alternative music has heard similar music before, but not quite like this. For an album title that implies a search of self, it seems as though CHAPPO already understands me.